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About Phlamingo

Phlamingo is the new PHP framework which comes packed with strong box of tools. It's in development from November 2016 and first version was released in January 2017. Main Phlamingo goal is to stay easy to use and lightweight as possible but still have powerful tools for developer. Greatest part of framework is it's template engine called Nebula which is probably the most powerful engine ever made. Phlamingo is very easy to start framework - it has just two folders - www, and your application vendor. And you are very free to structure your project folders as you want to. Also you do not need to install or configure anything, Everything just works!

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Main features

Good Idea

Phlamingo comes with new ways to write PHP applications, like annotations, better templates, easy project structure etc.

Powerful templates

Phlamingo has probably the most powerful template engine ever, packed with many features like inteligent loading JS and CSS libs, custom HTML tags, Markdown in-html macro and so much more

Best practises

Phlamingo follows modern best practises like lazy-loading, dependency injection, SOLID principles and PHP-FIG standards